EasyCamera for Foscam is an Android application for remote surveillance and control with your smartphone or tablet. App is designed for HD-cameras Foscam

The app supports the following camera models:
C1, C1Lite, C2, R2, FI9800P, FI9801W, FI9802W, FI9803EP, FI9803P, FI9804P, FI9804W, FI9805E, FI9805P, FI9805W, FI9816P, FI9818W, FI9820W, FI9821EP, FI9821P, FI9821W, FI9826P, FI9826W, FI9828P, FI9828W, FI9831P, FI9831W, FI9851P, FI9853EP, FI9900EP, FI9900P, FI9903P, FosBaby

The current version of the application is not designed for MJPEG-cameras Foscam, such as FI8918W and others in the series

App also supports some Foscam clones

The list of supported cameras: App features

Privacy policy:
EasyCamera for Foscam does not collect or send us or 3d parties any personal information